Kim Yo Han fell in love with Taehyung from BTS: “My second soul”

South Korean singer and actor Kim Yo Han recently gave an interview to Star1 magazine!

Kim admitted that he is a real homebody. He likes to spend time with himself.

“I am the person who no longer goes out after entering his room.”,

– told the singer.

Yo Han is also sad that there is an epidemic in the world, and he is not able to return to the stage yet:

“I really want to connect with my fans through music.”

Kim Yo Han admitted that V of the K-pop group BTS is the example to follow. The guy says that exactly in Taehyung he sees his second soul and wants to be like him in everything.

“I want to be like him when I perform. He plays in such an impressive way as an artist. He’s my second soul”,

– says the musician.

It should be noted that Taehyung is an example to follow for many aspiring musicians, this is due to his stage personality. It is the way the performer behaves on stage, how he presents music and performs dances during performances that strongly affects the K-pop industry.