Almost like a real one: a BTS fan created a super-realistic copy of Suga

Soul Brush, a YouTube blogger who creates beautiful figures of celebrities using 3D printing techniques, recently posted a video on her channel showing how she managed to create a super-realistic figure of Suga from BTS, inspired by the musician’s video for his solo song “Daechwita”.

As a reference, the artist used this image, from which she manually drew all the details after the figure itself was ready.

The girl showed her subscribers the whole process in detail: it all starts with creating a database – a 3D model that only in the most general terms resembles a musician from BTS. But the real magic begins later: the girl starts grinding small details, and then manually shapes the figure with a brush and paints.

Boy band fans were thrilled when they saw this artwork. ARMY was inspired by the talent of Soul Brush itself, and the incredible accuracy with which she managed to convey all the features of the idol. Suga did come out almost as if he were alive.