TOP 10 rare facts about Jungkook, which you probably didn’t know

As you know, all members of a popular K-pop group have stage names. It turns out that before the debut, Jungkook’s nickname was “Seagull”. The Seagull is a symbol of Busan, where the guy comes from, but in the course of negotiations, it was decided to leave his real name.

At the time of joining the group, Jungkook was only 15 years old, and at that age it was quite difficult to make a decision about which company to associate his life with. But in the end, he was inspired to choose Big Hit by RM, whose performance he saw on the Internet.

Because of his debut, Jungkook entered high school a year later than all his peers. However, this did not prevent him from successfully bulging in 2017 and even paying for a holiday lunch for himself and his classmates.

Idol just loves to eat (however, like all of us), and his favorite foods are cheese, melon and mango. In his spare time, Jungkook likes to draw, photograph, and shoot videos.

In addition, the guy has funny habits: for example, he touches his nose when he yawns.

Jungkook is very sensitive to other people’s failures and often cried when members were in a bad mood.

Despite the fact that now the idols have quite a little free time, Jungkook still tries to find an opportunity to play computer games. Previously, he and Taehyung could hang out for several hours (!) in Overwatch.