“I have no idea, what these people do all day,” – Robert Pattinson criticized the fans of “Twilight”

Actor Robert Pattinson earned tens of millions of dollars and made a name for himself thanks to “Twilight”.

However, Robert allows himself to criticize the fans of the Saga, who helped him become popular and earn enough money.

Robert said in an interview that he does not understand the fanaticism of his fans. “What these people do all day, I have no idea,” Pattinson said. According to the actor, fans of the picture sit in front of computers and comment on everything that is even slightly related to”Twilight”. This is how it represents people’s pastimes.

Most of all, Robert is surprised that among the fans there are not only teenagers, but also adults.

Let us recall that this is not the first time that he unflatteringly speaks about something or someone related to “Twilight”. For example, earlier he said that the book of Stephenie Meyer, on which the first film was made, did not deserve to be published.