“Don’t touch him” — Selena Gomez defends Justin Bieber

For more than a day, the world’s media have been buzzing about the sensation that is associated with Justin Bieber. The singer was accused of rape back in 2014. A certain girl named Danielle, claims that she was raped by Bieber in a hotel in Texas, and allegedly she has irrefutable evidence that she plans to provide in court:

“He came to our city of Austin for a performance and then went to have fun in a bar, where I and two of my friends were offered to go to his room, where everything happened”

– Danielle

Justin Bieber couldn’t contain such a hit and run and spoke sharply about the situation on Twitter:

“Any accusation of sexual abuse must be taken seriously, so I decided that I should respond. But this story could not have actually happened, so I will contact Twitter and the authorities to go to court”

– Justin Bieber

According to the publication The Sun, Selena Gomez, who was then in a close relationship with Justin, has already reacted to the incident. Selena is worried about the whole situation and spoke very negatively about the girls who bad-mouthing on the ex-boyfriend:

“Don’t touch him, Justin couldn’t do that, he’s not perfect, but taking minors to the room is too much even for Justin”

 – Selena Gomez explained