Taehyung strokes Jungkook’s knee in the new RUN episode

It’s been a long time since this couple gifted us their hot hugs, recently Taehyung hanging out alone, Jungkook goes all the time with Jimin and it seemed they were estranged from each other, but in fact everything is fine with the boys, and it became clear after watching the new issue of RUN, where BTS appeared in the roles of experimental designers, and then arranged a photo session.

Here Vkooks were caught for the touching family hug. As before, Taehyung leaned gently on Jungkook’s manly shoulder to rest, while everyone else seemed not to notice. Moreover, his hand is affectionately wrapped around Jungkook`s hip.

Judging by the rapid reaction in the world Twitter, the ARMY really missed such cute moments from the vkooks, just the boys grow up, but we don’t want to believe it:

“Before, they were so relaxed on every shoot, and now… not really… But I still love them”

– writes one of the Brazilian fans