Jimin was named “the most beautifully dressed man”

All members of the popular Korean K-pop group BTS have their own style of clothing and always look very attractive. It’s not for nothing that many of the ARMY are constantly looking for items of clothing of the guys on the Internet and buy tons of things similar to what idols wear. However, the ability to combine clothing and accessories, apparently, in their blood. And this is noted not only by loyal fans, but also by numerous fashion magazines.

Recently, SPLASHNEWS portal named Jimin the most beautifully dressed man among celebrities. The survey featured not only K-pop stars, but also world celebrities. But really, in terms of style, Jimin simply has no one equal!

“Congratulations to Jimin on winning the final of the fashion competition from Splash News”,

— wrote in a Twitter account dedicated to updates related to BTS.

Fans immediately remembered that even the usual total-black outfit that Jimin chose for the flight, was supplemented by accessories and Jimin looked like a real trendsetter.

And who do you think is the most fashionable member of BTS?