Jin made a fairy costume for Jungkook

Every time a new release of “Run BTS!” includes a fashion show, ARMY knows for sure that this will be a great episode.

Now you can add 105 episodes to the great episodes, which turned out to be bright and interesting.

This time, the musicians had to create costumes with their own hands, and then give their creations to one of the members. Attire of Jin was the most striking and unusual, and Jungkook presented it in all its glory, walking in a fairy costume, like a real professional model.

In this episode, the guys had to sew outfits from pieces of fabric that they had previously won in another game. Jin did not hesitate to take a blue hat, huge green feathers, elegant wings like fairies – and with this set went to the studio to create a new fashion outfit.

All the guys wanted to wear Jin`s outfit. As a result, the costume went to Jungkook, and ARMY was delighted with this “collaboration”:

“Jungkook was just born to be a model! He looks perfect in any outfit. No matter what he wears, he always looks gorgeous!”