Billie Eilish reported about her health problems

18-year-old Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish), says little about the personal lifefans know almost nothing about the singer’s boyfriends and relationships. However, there is one thing that Billie says openly, believing that her experience can help someone. This is mental health.

In one of her interviews, the girl told about how she once wanted to commit suicide.

“Honestly, I doubted that I would live to 17”,

– the singer admitted to journalists.

At some point, the girl left Twitter, but in an interview for GQ, the singer briefly made it clear why she does not want to return to the platform:

“I almost committed suicide because of Twitter a couple of years ago.”

Billie was saved from suicide by her manager Brian, who came to her hotel room when Billie was “thinking about how she was going to die” to make her laugh and cheer her up.

“Relax, baby. You’re good. And don’t think about taking your life”,

– that’s right, ” he said, and it helped for a while.

Now Billie has become much easier to relate to the negative things, but her mental state is still not completely normal.