“Pink angel”. Aron Piper starred in the video for Kimberley Tell

Spanish singer and actress Kimberley Tell has released a new video for the song “Papelito”. For the main role in the video, she chose Aron Piper and, here it is worth saying that she did not make a mistake with her choice!

Aron in the video plays a cute boy in love and appears in various romantic images. Most of all, Piper’s fans liked the pink angel costume.

“Have you seen this pink angel already? Maybe he’ll take me to the pink paradise?”

– write fans in their social networks

We are already used to seeing an actor in the role of a bully and a bad guy, but to look at him in the role of a tender and fragile guy who leaves love hearts on every corner was a novelty. Fans note that Piper was able to easily portray such an image, because in fact he has a sensual, kind and vulnerable heart.

How can he be such a sweet and charming angel? Many fans laugh it off and say that with such a winged friend they are ready to fly far beyond the clouds!