Why did Taylor Lautner from Twilight get fat?

After casting at Twilight, 18-year-old Taylor was sent to the gym, because his character had to be muscular and strong, and Taylor himself at that time had a rather thin build. Throughout the years when the shooting was going on, Lautner had to work out hard and not allow himself too much, adhering to a special diet that was developed for him by specialists.

The inflated body and cheekbones of the guy fell in love with a huge number of girls who preferred a hot werewolf to a vampire in performance of Robert Pattinson. But at the end of working on “Twilight” Lautner forgot about special fitness regime and gained weight dramatically. Numerous fans were stunned by Taylor’s new rounded face and lost under the tummy cubes.

It turned out that the guy was so tired of the tight schedule in which he had to live so he took advantage of the end of filming to finally relax. In addition, his appearance was affected by the stress of not being invited to filming new works. Fortunately, now Taylor is back in shape and pleases fans with fresh pictures.