Does Taehyung have African-American roots?

Did you ever think that a cute Korean member of the band BTSV might have some other roots? Yeah! African-American.

Fans of the singer figured out that the guy clearly had people with dark skin color in his family. Fans wrote that this becomes clear if you look at V’s hands.

However, in official photos and promo posters, fans see completely white hands. Fans are shocked why this is happening, and why the artist is being photoshopped limbs.

It is strange that this issue has not been raised before, and only dedicated fans try to draw the public’s attention to it. However, maybe it’s just the quality of the photos? And in fact, some images show different light patterns?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever the color of V’s skin, the main thing is that he is a great artist who gathers together with his team crowds of people at concerts. In addition, the guy is engaged in creativity and helps many people in difficult situations, because the songs specially save from depression and allow us not to despair during difficult periods.