Selena Gomez and BTS – the authenticity of the picture is discussed in the network

Fans of American singer Selena Gomez and South Korean band BTS are excited! The network has a picture of the idols standing together in an embrace. There is no limit to the joy of fans! The photo has spread all over the Internet and followers are asking one question: did the stars meet earlier?

Some of the fans believe that the picture in which the stars are standing in an embrace, no more than a photoshop. After all, we can’t remember any concerts and awards where the performers could meet together.

But there are also those fans who believe that the picture is real, and its poor quality is due to the fact that the photos have been taken for several years. During the work, the stars really had a large number of events. So, the artists could really meet at some important event.

Photoshop or a real picture… We can only guess! It is worth noting that Selena Gomez and boy band BTS are now very popular. Even if the stars did not meet earlier, it is possible that everything is still ahead!