Finneas, brother of Billie Eilish, got angry at the reporters’ question “Who can be the next Billie Eilish?”

Actually, Billie’s 22 y.o. brother should not be worry about who is the next Billie Eilish, we all perfectly know, she is the only one!

Finneas was asked about the Guardian article under the provocative theme “Who can be the next Billie Eilish?” Despite the fact, that it was just a question, producer of legendary “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” album was also mad at the topic.

Despite the topic seemed annoying to Eilish’s brother, he responded, ‘Well, the only answer i can give to you who is gonna be the next Billie, it’s a person who does everything he (she) wants, but at the same time his creative work deserves to be “Pop Music”.

‘I think, that all the positive respond which the public gets from Biliie’s music it is because Billie makes everything naturally. Her music is a presentation of herself, it’s unique. It happened because she has never tried to comply with some musical canons, she just shows her fans what she truly feels.’ – Finneas adds.