Lili Reinhart protects Cole Sprouse

After scandal had erupted around the star couple of “Riverdale” series, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, beloved fought back. Let us remind, that couples of weeks ago, fans began writing some posts about Cole’s infidelity together with Kaia Berger.

The rumors about Sprouse’s betrayal were gaining momentum and at one point threatening texts began to flow into Cole’s phone. Cole could not bear that and made an impulsive post for his fans, ‘No one has right to look into my private life, let alone threaten to me or my friends.’ – that should probably stop the scandal, but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

The tag “ColeSprouseIsOverParty” is trending on Twitter platform more than several days. Fans continue to discuss Cole’s “infidelity” and smear him under this tag. Previous time Lili preferred to stay away from that case, but this time she talked tough towards the public. Young actress also said, that she has no respect to people who helped to spread this hashtag around.

Maybe is it better for the followers of the couple to ease up a little and leave them well enough alone? it seems, they do not have problems among them.