Aron Piper will appear in new Netflix series

Arón Piper became known for playing in the series “Elite” from Netflix. His character is loved by a huge number of people. Throughout the action Aron convincingly gets used to the role of his hero and plays it.

Let’s find out some facts about our idol firstly. His full name is Aaron Julio Manuel Piper Barber. Height-185 cm, weight-76 kg.  Born in Berlin (Germany). His father is German, his mother is Spanish. His first role in a big movie was at the age of 7, he starred in the movie The Gunman (Netherlands, 2004) She speaks three languages-English, Spanish and German. Aron is a fan of Robert Downey Jr. and old movies.

Piper`s fanbase for sure, would like to see their idol in some other works, and it will happen!

Netflix is going to invite the actor in the film “the Mess you leave” (this is not an official name yet).

The series will be based on the novel by Carlos Montero, co-author of Elite. He is writing for Netflix not for the first time.

We can only wait for the series to be released!