Cameron Diaz shared 5 beauty secrets how to look gorgeous

Cameron pleases her fans with interesting roles, amazing smile, and bright eyes. We even don’t want to think how old she is, because she looks gorgeous.

She constantly sharing with us her beauty secrets and beauty routine. Recently she wrote “The Body Book” to educate young women on how to look gorgeous and listen to yourself. After she continued her publishing adventures and shared with women how to age gracefully in the “The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time”.

She uses one makeup product for different purposes, using her lipstick to blush her chicks.


She is a fan of natural makeup. In an interview to Harper’s Bazaar actress tells that she uses a small brush to apply everything in tiny amounts before building it up. She is an adept of glowing skin, moisturizing.

Healthy lifestyle. No smoking! Before being health-conscious, she has been smoking a lot. In her The Longevity Book she mentioned that quitting smoking is the only wish has to be accomplished. And she quit lately.

Don’t panic and stress. That beauty is not about appearance it is about beauty, energy. And being wealthy and calm is the key to look stunning. Sleep well. It’s not a secret that sleeping is the best beauty procedure, it determines our mood and mental wellness.

Let’s wish to Cameron to stay as beautiful as she is!