“She is the daughter of a rich man”- Dimash’s girlfriend was hated on the web

Singer from Kazakhstan Dimash Kudaibergenov has already fallen in love with thousands of girls. However, the heart of the singer has  been occupied by a beautiful girl named Nursaule for a long time. The young beauty was also born in Kazakhstan and recently graduated from the University with a degree in Stage Direction. Dimash and Nursaule met at the University, when the musician had already finished his studies. He first saw his future girlfriend at one of the student events and immediately fell madly in love with her.

After such a statement, the hearts of millions of fans were broken. They refuse to believe that Dimash is not alone. Some fans managed to calculate the entire biography of the girl and accuse her of “buying” Dimash for money. After all, Nursaule is from a rich family. The criticisms directed at beautiful lady are coming in every day.

“Look around, you have a million Chinese women around you”, “THIS is most LIKELY the DAUGHTER of an INFLUENTIAL PERSON in CHINA»,

“She’s married to someone else. Nonsense, ” – the audience wrote in the comments.