What did Billie Eilish look like before she became popular?

One of the most popular pop singers in the world is Billie Eilish. Billy’s mother Maggie Baird is an actress and songwriter who, at her 60, still looks forty-something, and her father Patrick O’connell is a well-known actor. So it’s not just about luck and hard work: Billy is incredibly lucky with the genes.

Her debut album made Billie the most listened-to singer in the world according to Apple and took the first place in the top 200 albums of the year according to Billboard. The girl continues to break records to this day. Her music makes millions of fans fall in love with her.

However, few people saw her before her popularity: without colorful hair, long nails and makeup. We were able to find Eilish’s archive photos and are ready to share them with you.

Before popularity, the girl, like many at her age, liked to wear tight t-shirts and short skirts.

As we can see, the singer had a love for Justin Bieber since childhood. Do you like this singer?

Billie Eilish + Justin Bieber = all our dreams come true 😍Check out the remix of 'bad guy' here:

Posted by umusic NZ on Neljapäev, 11. juuli 2019