A naked admirer joined to Justin Bieber during the broadcast

During the quarantine, many stars conduct live broadcasts on social networks. Online with fans, it would seem, are not able to surprise us with something. American singer Justin Bieber decided to  go on the air and talk to fans as well, but then he was waiting for a surprise!

The guy randomly selected one of the thousands of requests for joint broadcast and after a few seconds the screen of the singer split into two halves. At the bottom of the monitor, a completely naked girl appeared, lying on the bed!

What was the surprise of the singer’s followers at this moment. Comments immediately began to fill up with imitations of laughter and emojis. Apparently, Justin himself missed this amazing moment. The only thing that disconcerted him was that the girl was out of sight.

Justin Bieber is the idol of millions of fans around the world. Let us recall that the guy reached the peak of his popularity in his youth. At the age of 13, the singer has already successfully toured, released new songs, shot music videos and signed million-dollar contracts.