Aron Piper ate his fill in quarantine

The quarantine and self-isolation regime does not pass without a trace for anyone, even for Hollywood stars. For example, images of Aron Piper appeared on the Internet, in which he is depicted without a t-shirt.

The photo shows that the guy’s perfect abs have disappeared somewhere. The fault is clearly that he sits at home and eats often. But even despite this insignificant fact, fans continue to love their idol, including his “big” belly! Moreover, gyms will open soon, and Aron will be able to adjust his own figure.

It is worth noting that many artists complain that they put on weight without frequent loads. Stars showed their own photos, in which the celebrity`s stomach is visible.

In addition, Russian stars have complained about the weight gain a lot, so if you feel you put on some weight, know, that you are not alone! Stars mostly do not leave their homes and spend time in a supine position, which negatively affects their figure.

But the artists do not have to worry, because they will start working exactly later than everyone else, there will be time to clean up.