Morgenshtern showed what a plump man he was a year ago!

Well-known Russian rap artist Morgenshtern shared a year-old photo with his fans today. In the image, the guy is quite plump, you can see it on his face. Rounded cheeks and a bulging tummy-that’s what the idol of millions looked like a year ago.


The guy posted a photo in his stories, and then recorded a video where he showed off his gorgeous body, a relief torso and pumped-up arms! The way the rapper looks now is just a sight, it’s hard to take your eyes off such a Morgenshtern.

The guy also said that he lost weight thanks to diets. According to the performer, if a person says that diets do not help, then they just do not want to lose weight very much.

Right now, when Alisher got such an incredible physical shape, he is very popular with women. He repeatedly said that the girls in his house stay in the morning and often stay overnight.

Morgenshtern is one of the most scandalous Russian performers to date. Many stars would like to record a joint track with a guy, but he approaches collaborations very thoroughly. Morgenshtern is currently working on new tracks and will soon delight us with his songs!