Kylie Jenner was caught cheating!

Recently, the famous model Kylie Jenner sold a controlling stake in Kylie Cosmetics company “Coty”. After the completed transaction, the girl had a lot of questions about her income, because she was on the list of Forbes billionaires. As it turned out, the income that the company brought to her was several times less than those money indicated by the girl. We recall that Kylie wore the title as “the youngest billionaire girl”.

After the truth began to surface, it turned out that at the time when the girl was added to the list of billionaires in the account she had a little more than 500 million dollars, today the girl has about 900 million dollars.

In any case, this is not a billion-dollar fortune. According to available assumptions, the girl started all this only in order to rise higher in the rating. Here is for such an unpleasant deception Kylie Jenner, famous model and TV host was caught  We often write and tell you about the stories of artists, when for the sake of fame and high ratings, they are ready to embellish reality and even go to the deception.