“Fat, in tights with a belly” – Lady Gaga disappointed with her appearance

Popular singer Lady Gaga walked around Los Angeles with her boyfriend in a revealing outfit during a self-isolation regime imposed due to an outbreak of coronavirus. Netizens drew attention to her untidy image.

For the walk, the singer chose tight black leggings that looked more like tights, and a black bra-top with decorative elastic bands above and under the Breasts. Dirty hair shocking singer gathered in a careless ponytail. Lady Gaga was wearing a medical protective mask.

The network immediately began to discuss the appearance of the singer. Fans noticed the extra weight. Gaga’s belly protruded noticeably above the elastic band of her leggings.

“Why she wears such an outfit with such a figure?”, “even Lady Gaga got a belly after lockdown”, ” Gaga, are you?”, ” What kind of tights?”, ” Yes, old age is a bad color on her»,

– fans comment on the pictures.

It is noted that the singer went to the restaurant with Michael Polansky.. In the pictures, the stars hold hands. And how do you assess the unusual image of the singer? Write in the comments.