“We will not rest” — Shawn Mendes, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and other stars on “Black lives matter”

Last week, we all learned about a terrible story in which a police officer strangled George Floyd. After the incident, the police gave evidence, where they said that after the guy was handcuffed, he became ill, then an ambulance was called for him, but by that time he stopped breathing.

However, a video appeared on the network, which shows how the police officer held the guy’s neck near the ground with his knee for 7 minutes. Georgie Floyd was a dark-skinned guy, which made the situation even more difficult. Now rallies in support of black people are taking place all over America. “Black lives matter!”

Not only ordinary people came out to support, but also a lot of stars, including musicians, actors, comedians and so on. Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Cole Sprouse, Shawn Mendes, Nail Horan, Dominic Sherwood have all expressed their grievances, written protest posts, and participated in rallies!

“The voices of the black community have been silent for too long, and this silence has proved fatal again and again. I encourage people to speak softly to each other, speak with passion, inspiration, and impress the importance of this issue until the systems that make us sick die instead of the people we love”

— wrote Gaga on his Twitter

What will happen in America is not yet clear, we will carefully monitor the situation in the country. Unfortunately, in our time, there are still people with racist habits. After all, in fact, any life matters, regardless of skin color!