Billie Eilish was hated for supporting “Black lives matter”

Last week in America there was a terrible situation, a police officer, during the arrest of a criminal, strangled a black guy, and after that, he wanted to reduce everything to an accident. Fortunately, what was happening was captured on a video camera, thanks to it, the whole truth was revealed.

In support of this tragic situation, residents of America created the slogan “Black lives matter”. One of the famous people supporting the protest was the American singer Billie Eilish. The girl also wrote a post on this topic in her social networks, but, unfortunately, not many followers supported her. Comments started filling in with the words “All lives matter”.

It seemed that the first and second options carry the truth and have a common meaning, but this is not the case. Billie performed in support of “black lives matter”, and received a huge wave of hate.

“If all lives matter, why are black people killed just because they are black? Why are immigrants being harassed? Why do white people get opportunities that are not available to other races?”

– the singer addressed the fans