Aron Piper passed the COVID-19 test

Shooting of the new fourth season of the popular series on Netflix “Elite” will begin very soon. The situation with the coronavirus already disrupted the schedule, so the film crew decided not to delay this process any longer. In this regard, all actors and staff members must pass the COVID-19 test to ensure the safety of all participants in the shooting.

Your favorite Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso, who play the roles of Ander and Omar respectively, were seen at a medical center in Madrid last week. According to information from sources, the guys passed the COVID-19 test together. The fact is that in Spain, the situation with coronavirus is already on the decline, so Netflix wants to start shooting as soon as possible to give subscribers new content that they have been waiting for so long. Especially since now Spanish series are in the top in popularity among all projects from Netflix.

Let us recall that in season 4, not all actors will return to their roles. In the series, only those who remained for the second year at the Las Encinas school will remain.