Omar Ayuso posted a new picture of Aron Piper

Omar Ayuso, a famous actor of the TV series “Elite”, today published a new picture of his star colleague Aron Piper on his instagram page. It is worth noting that in the Spanish film, the guys play lovers.

Because of their roles, there is a lot of gossip about actors that they also meet in real life. Whether this is true or false, we can’t say for sure, because according to the stars, they are connected only by friendship.

In any case, Omar Ayuso publishes new pictures of Aron on his page, thus strongly fueling the interest of the audience.

Famous couple of the TV series “Elite” much loved by her fans. Now due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming of the fourth season has been suspended, but as we learned the other day, Aron and Omar passed tests for the coronavirus, if the results are good, then work on the site will begin soon.

Aron Piper can be called, perhaps ,the “audience favorite” of the all-star cast of the film. Any new photos or stories related to it instantly become the most discussed topics on the Internet.