“Never felt desirable”, – Billie Eilish about lack of sexual interest

American singer Billie Eilish gave a big interview to GQ magazine, where she opened up about her personal life. The singer admitted that she never felt physically desirable from ex-boyfriends. That’s why she started dressing in baggy clothes.

“Here’s a bombshell for you: I’ve never felt desirable. My ex-boyfriends never made me feel like this. None of them. This has had a big impact on my life. So I dress the way I dress, I just don’t like to think about how you guys, all of you, rate it, look at sizes”,

– the singer made a loud confession.

Despite the fact that Billie prefers to keep his personal life closed, in an interview, the singer admitted that she dreams of a guy.

“I always wanted to have a boyfriend, that was my theme. As soon as I was somewhere beautiful — on the beach, at sunset-I wanted to share this experience with someone, with some boy. But this almost never happened. Yes, I was heartbroken and hurt.”,

— she said.