“Top 100 Heartbreakers in Asia”: Dimash was more popular than Jimin from BTS

Who would you place on the top lines of the “Top 100 heartthrobs of Asia” (100 Asian Heartthrobs 2019)? After many days of voting, the first places, of course, went to the members of BTS, but the Kazakh performer Dimash Kudaibergen did not lag far behind his Korean comrades.

First place in the list went to V from BTS: 1.8 million users voted for him. In second place, very logically, was Jungkook with 1.5 million votes.

Dimash took the honorable 6th place in the list, gaining 289 thousand votes and surpassing even Jimin from BTS, who took only 28th place in the rating. This is a worthy victory!

How would you distribute the seats between Dimash and BTS members in this vote?