Weight, height, personal life – TOP 15 facts to know about Aron Piper

Aron Piper is a German — Spanish actor who is currently known for his role in the Netflix series “Elite”. He plays the son of the school’s principal, Ander, and builds a relationship with Omar, a former drug dealer. After the “Elite”, Aron’s fan base has grown rapidly all over the world, and now 13 million followers on Instagram are admiring his fashionable images and selfies. Find out what else you need to know about Aron. We have collected the most basic facts about the actor for you.

1 – His birthday — March 29, 1997.

2 – His favorite color is black.

3 – Piper the smoker.

4 – He consumes alcohol. Fans often notice this in his Isnstagram. As we have seen, he did this from his images.

5 – Aron has a Ferrari California.

6 – He wears watches from expensive brands such as Vacheron Constantin.

7 – Aron Piper became famous for being a successful film actor.

8 – Aron Piper is a fan of Robert Downey Jr.

9 – Piper likes old classic movies.

10 – Tuesday is the happiest day, and red is the happiest color of Aron.

11 – He can speak three languages: English, Spanish and German.

12 – The astrological sign for Aron is Aries.

13 – Weight of the actor is 78 kilograms.

14 – Aron’s Height is 180 centimeters.

15 – The First role was in 2004. Aron Piper, being just a boy, played a small cameo role in the film” Gunman”.