Aron Piper spent the night with a famous singer from Madrid

Aron Piper, who became famous for his hot role in the Spanish series from Netflix “Elite”, decided to pursue a musical career. And immediately started with a trio. Together with Soleá Morente and Maximiliano Calvo, the actor recorded the single “Prendiendo Fuego”.

Soleo-a well-known musical artist in Madrid, along with Maximiliano-the new star of the Warner Music Studio – and Aron – one of the most beloved Spanish actors-released a video about.. how they spent the night together.

The music video takes place at night, in a hotel, where all three characters of the story find themselves. Three lost souls who find themselves together by the will of fate, eventually find themselves in a simple joy-night dancing on the roof with friends.

At the moment, the clip has already been viewed by more than 250 thousand people, and in the comments everyone is talking about the magic voice of Aron.