Dimash hinted that he is a BTS fan

It is no secret that Dimash dreams of great popularity in South Korea, and even signed a contract for promotion in the K-pop industry. Idol plans to become at least on the same level as BTS, because it is unlikely that anyone will be able to surpass them in the near future.

It turns out that Dimash and BTS almost managed to get acquainted back in 2017 at the American Music Awards, where Dimash and the entire BTS line-up were marked that day. But then the personal acquaintance failed to come true, security guards protected BTS even from colleagues. However, in an interview with one of the Chinese channels, Dimash already hinted that he was a fan of Korean bands:

“I think Asian music is the best in the world,” – said Dimash

Dimash also hinted that he dreams of becoming a headliner at the “American Music Awards”, but so far it has only succeeded by his competitors.