Network users hate Aron Piper for his bad habit

Fans began to revile the bad habit of famous actor of the Spanish TV series “Elite”, Aron Piper . For many years, the guy continues to smoke cigarettes. At first, none of the fans said anything to their idol, but after a while, the fans began to worry about their favorite.

Now in many public sites and groups dedicated to Aron, there are periodically posts in which followers ask the actor to quit his bad habit.

One example is a video shot on the TikTok platform. A whole pack of cigarettes is mixed with water in a blender and served to the table. This is what Aron Piper’s breakfast looks like, according to fans. Of course, fans care about the health of the actor, so they try to explain to him that this is not the best habit to follow.

Aron Piper became insanely popular after his role as Ander in the TV series “Elite”. Now the guy is known even in the most remote corners of the planet, he managed to fall in love with fans not only with his unprecedented beauty, but also with great professionalism.