Aron Piper is dating Ester Exposito?

Stars of the Spanish TV series “Elite” conquered the whole world with their beauty.

Of course, the greatest interest among the girls was aroused by Aron Piper, who plays the role of gay Ander in the series, well, the male half was conquered by a young actress Ester Expósito. Recently, fans of “Elite” began to ship these two actors, claiming that they are perfect for each other.

“Really these two are so beautiful people, can not they be together?!”

— written by Twitter users.

Let us recall, that we still do not know anything about Aron’s sexual preferences, which in all interviews is silent on this issue. However, he is often seen in the company of his close friend, which suggests that the guys are dating.

And Ester was already in a relationship with a colleague in the “Elite” Alvaro Rico, but their love, to the great regret of fans, did not last long. It is unlikely that the girl will want to repeat the past experience and start dating someone else from the same caste.