Justin Bieber bought a bus for 2 million dollars

Justin Bieber again had a lot of free time due to the cancellation of the “Changes” tour, which the singer was preparing to go to after a very long break in concert activities. However, the artist’s grand comeback failed to take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Justin did not waste time and decided to go on a trip with his wife Hailey Baldwin.

The other day, Bieber picked up his bus Prevost Marathon Coach RV, which was made specifically for the tour, and now preparing it for “Coronacation” (vacation during the coronavirus period), as it was called on the Internet. According to insiders, Hailey and Justin want to go on a short trip to take a break from the monotonous life in self-isolation. The couple will visit not very popular tourist places to learn more about the world.

A stylish bus for young people costs 2.5 million dollars, so the trip will definitely be in complete comfort. Would you like to ride on such transport? And with Hailey and Justin?