Gray hair and wrinkles? Dimash has changed a lot

It seems that the quarantine did not benefit everyone! Dimash Kudaibergen posted a new photo on his Instagram, which shows that the guy has changed a lot over the past few months.

The artist has gray hair and even a few wrinkles. Interesting, is this is how the regime of self-isolation affected him or the lack of work?

Fans also noticed this. They did not hesitate to write their opinion about his appearance in the comments. Dimash should think about it, because soon he will go on a tour of cities and countries, it is necessary to clean up.

Perhaps Dimash just hasn’t been to stylists and make-up artists for a long time, so he seems so tired, but as soon as the concert period begins, he will get back in shape.

It is worth saying that fans, despite his appearance, continue to declare their love for the artist and follow his work. Probably, this is true fan love, when it doesn’t matter what the artist looks like, the main thing is what product he produces. And every time Dimash pleases only with high-quality songs.