“Kristen Stewart doubts” – an insider commented on the future joint film of the actress with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together? Are they making movies together again? Since the release of the last movie from the “Twilight” saga it has been an eternity, and many fans have already lost hope of ever seeing their idols together in a movie. But these two know how to surprise.

Since Kristen and Robert played the main roles in the” Twilight Saga”, a lot has changed in their lives: new roles, new partners, new life goals. But fans of the actors still inevitably associate them with Bella and Edward, so it’s not surprising that the stars are thinking about starting working together again.

“Now Kristen is more doubtful than Rob, but they decided to discuss this point. It would have been much easier for them to agree to shoot separately, but agreeing to shoot together after all the rumors that surrounded them after the break – up is not an easy step”,

 – an insider told reporters.

According to anonymous sources, the new film, about the shooting of which Robert and Kristen are thinking, has nothing common with”Twilight”. And this time, in order to avoid rumors and scandals, the actors will definitely not play lovers. Although, can this prevent fans of the star couple from fantasizing?