A drama about the BTS group will be released on Netflix

Big Hit company chose a Studio Chorok Baem Media for filming the BTSBangtan Universe drama. Screenwriter Sujin Kim is now in the process of writing a story about guys who are haunted by the wounds of the past. A fictional story will tell about BTS members in school years who understand and comfort each other, so that they eventually become loyal companions. The BTS universe drama is scheduled for release in late 2020/early 2021.

It is assumed that 1/4 of the script has already been written and now auditions for the main roles are underway.  The real names of members won`t be used for characters. According to Hankyung News, all the actors who will participate in the upcoming drama will be newcomers. All 7 main roles will be given to new actors in the industry. The audition is expected to be completed by the end of the month, and filming will begin in September. It is not known yet how the roles will match the members.

Chorokbaem has already started the production stage. Drama is expected to be released next year on OTT streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney. However, this collaboration has not been confirmed yet.