Aron Piper is dating actor Brandon Flynn?

While most fans of the star  Aron Piperof the TV series “Elite” suppose that he is dating an aspiring actor Marco Cáceres, the most inquisitive of them, paid attention to what is happening on Instagram. It turns out that this is where the next candidate for the post of a nice European guy is hiding.

The fact is that in social networks, Aron is actively hitting on Brandon Flynn, known for the role of Justin Foley in the series “13 reasons why”. Both guys star in projects from Netflix, so their online acquaintance is not surprising at all. Young people signed up for each other back in September 2018 and since then have not stopped actively liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

This drives fans of the actors crazy, who now dream that the couple will start dating. Note that Brandon is openly gay and has been in a relationship with the singer for 9 months Sam Smith, who dedicated an entire album to him. Do you think there could be more than just friendship between Brandon and Aron?