“She screamed and screamed” – the story of the most famous quarrel between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The paradox of these two vampires is that even ten years later they remain one of the most discussed couples in the world cinema. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are just friends today, and before hot lovers who regularly threw hot facts about their personal lives in the media. The most legendary quarrel between lovers happened in 2013. Let’s remember:

It was Robert’s 27th birthday, when Kristen came to a party at his apartment in the status of an official girl, a little later after the shooting. However, the picture she saw was not a happy one. Kristen caught Robert in the arms of a certain blonde, who was not only a friend of the actress. From what she saw, Kristen left the party and went to a friend’s house. And all the guests were shocked by what had happened, and so was Pattison. Here’s what the source said afterward:

“Kristen was rushing back and forth in her friend’s apartment, screaming and constantly smoking. She looked really upset as she spoke for an hour on the phone. Probably with Rob.” 

– Kristen

Then all the media wrote that Kristen and Robert were on the verge of parting, but at that moment Pattinson still managed to beg for forgiveness. Only one photo has survived in the media since that evening: