Ariana Grande caused a scandal in a coffee shop

On June 10, the management of the Starbucks coffee shop banned its employees from wearing clothing with the symbols of the Black Lives Matter movement, because it “may provoke violence”.

Immediately after this statement, fans noticed that Ariana Grande unsubscribed from the coffee shop’s Instagram account. Moreover, after a while, she marked up a picture of a glass with a different brand in storis.

Two days after Ariana’s act, Starbucks management changed its mind and publicly announced it. They wrote that the design of t-shirts is being developed to demonstrate agreement with the Black Lives Matter movement. The management of the coffee shop reminded that their establishments are a hospitable place where everyone is treated with respect.

Fans reacted negatively to such statements, because they believed that the management specifically changed its position to avoid attacks from the guests.

let us recall that Grande previously collaborated with Starbucks to create their own drink “Cloud Macchiato”. In addition, she is very fond of these coffee shops and often visited them. That is why fans of the star consider unsubscribing a real scandal!