They found devilish signs in the tattoos of Jungkook!

On June 14, K-pop group BTS gave an online concert Bang Ban Con Live, which was decided to hold after it became known that their world tour would have to be postponed due to the development of the COVID-19 epidemic. The event attracted more than 750,000 spectators from all over the world.

After the end of the online concert BANG BANG CON the Live, photographers caught the musicians at the service exit and took a couple of shots to the delight of fans. Much attention was drawn to the pictures of Jungkook, or rather his tattoos.

In recent years Jungkook has got so many new tattoos that the ARMY have lost count. So how many tattoos do idols have on their hands? Only recently, there were about 15 of them. We think there are more than 20 marks now.

Tattoos are as follows: the inscription “ARMY”, the letter “J”, three “pluses”, a heart, the logo “ARMY”, a crown, an Emoji (so called Woozy Face), the number 0613 – the date of the BTS debut, black lines, favorite phrases and mottos. Next to them is another: this hand-skeleton, which makes a “goat”. Fans decided that this drawing has a diabolical meaning.

“Some kind of devil tattoo”, “scary skeleton”, “does he know that drawing a skeleton is a bad sign?”, “satanic art”,

– fans comment on the pictures.

However, we did not find any “secret ” meanings in the image of the hand.