ARMY will star in the film with BTS

Happy news for fans of the BTS group and for those who want to become part of a large project related to the team.

It turns out that very soon the most loyal and talented fans of the team will be able to star with the guys in the same movie. The fact is that now a casting is being held for the main characters of the picture. The selection process will end by the end of June.

It is known that the film will start shooting in September this year. Seven people will be selected for the roles, who will work side by side with famous artists. It is worth noting that this will really be beginners and BTS listeners.

Let us recall that BTS is one of the few bands that pays so much attention to their fans. Guys specially find time to communicate with fans of their work, work hard to surprise with new compositions. And in general, the team speaks very reverently about the ARMY.

The guys are clearly aware that without fans, they would not have been able to achieve what they have now. This applies to the attendance at their concerts, and the first places in the charts, which they occupy only because of the love and support of fans.