Why is Billie Eilish’s brother against BTS?

American singer Billie Eilish has always loved the South Korean K-pop group BTS. There were even rumors that she would like to sing with Jungkook. The band itself also speaks admiringly about the work of the young singer and dream of recording a track with her. However, Billie’s brother seems to be against their cooperation.

In the spring of this year, Finneas O’Connell made an unfortunate joke and insulted the BTS group and their fans. What happened?

The conflict between Finneas and BTS arose on the basis of a pandemic. While doctors around the world are developing a vaccine for coronavirus, the guy unsuccessfully jokes about this topic on his Twitter. Billie’s brother retweeted an entry that says the following:

If the coronavirus was detected in BTS, their fans would have found the cure in less than 24 hours.

This post went viral and received more than 700,000 likes. However, fans of the K-pop group found the expression disgusting and unfunny. They suggested that his brother consider the possibility that his sister Billie would get sick.

“Finneas, you are disgusting! How would you feel if they used Billie’s name instead of BTS?”

— was written in the comments.

However, there were also those who understood the joke of Finneas, who wanted to show that BTS fans are ready to do anything for their favorites.

Is this the right time to make such jokes?