BTS intimidated fans with strange messages

In April, Big Hit Entertainment gave BTS fans another reason to be nervous. The fact is that fans could not go to the official channel of the band on YouTube, while you could watch the videos that are posted there.

In addition, many of the company’s social networks have changed the avatars of the BTS group to some kind of interference. Some of the band’s albums were updated, and there was interference on the music videos. At the moment, it is already impossible to notice, but fans who closely follow the work of idols, paid attention to it.

In addition, some strange pages were created in Instagram, which allegedly belong to BTS participants. Some fans thought that only guys can post the photos that were in these accounts. Under the last images at that time, something was encrypted with binary code.

And loyal fans figured out what was there: on every incomprehensible page of the guys was written: “Game started”, the other – “Level one”, then – “Level two”, “Level three”, “Level four”, “Level five”, “Game over”.