Anti-fans told why they hate BTS so much

We perfectly know why BTS fans love the boy band so much. But why do haters hate BTS so much? Let’s try to figure it out.

Perhaps unexpectedly for many fans of the band, one of the most frequent answers to the question ” why do you dislike BTS so much?” the answer was “because of the fans”. It turns out that the skirmishes between the representatives of the fandom and the haters of the group are even more important than the hatred of netizens for the idols themselves.

“You may have noticed, but some members of the fandom are really stupid, rude, mean and just immature. They immediately start being rude when they think that someone is “threatening” their favorite group. They can go so far as to wish people dead”,

– one of the netizens explained her hatred for BTS.


This is what I mean when I talk about how bts hate is normalized. One day we gonna have a real conversation about how toxic nctzens are!

— Koa🔮  ⁷ (@ot7gnres) June 19, 2020

In addition, many netizens believe that the popularity of BTS is simply “overrated”. They do not deny the talent of the band, but add that due to the ARMY, who “sticks their noses everywhere”, other teams simply do not have a chance to enter the world stage.

And someone claims that it’s not about the BTS themselves – they just don’t like K-pop music and culture.