Jimin from BTS became the star of the TV series Elite

The Spanish TV series “Elite” has gained huge popularity around the world. Fans of the movie about teenagers are constantly coming up with new trends related to it. Thus, the network has a flash mob, whose task is to transform famous people into the image of the Elite.

The new fashion direction involved the actors of the film “Twilight”, “Harry Potter” and such as: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others. But most of all, the audience remembered the image of one of the participants of the South Korean BTS boy band, Jimin.

The guy was so much transformed into the image of a girl that fans of the artist could not leave it without attention. Hundreds of messages on social networks were sent between the ARMY. Fans once again admire their idol. Take a look for yourself!

Agree, such a soft and gentle image of a woman definitely suits the idol. Many ARMY began to write under the changed image of the idol that it would make an insanely beautiful girl. Such comments are not at all surprising, because even being himself, Jimin is particularly beautiful. And who conquered you over in the new flash mob?