“V hit her?” — Taehyung of BTS accused of sexism

In 2018, when the guys from BTS came to Taipei to participate in the SBS concert, a huge crowd of fans gathered at the airport, as it usually happens. But in addition to the adequate ARMY, who respected the personal space of idols, sasaengs arrived at the airport, which brought from itself.

The girls crossed all imaginable and unthinkable boundaries of personal space. At some point, Taehyung could not resist: the guy took out his phone and pretended to shoot sasaeng-groupies in response. However, in fact, the musician had a front-facing camera turned on, so he, unlike rabid fans, did not violate anyone’s rights.

However, fans immediately began to condemn the idol, accusing him of sexism and misogyny. According to them, the act of Taehyung belittled their rights.

Of course, the ARMY did not tolerate such behavior and immediately came to the defense of the idol.

“Celebrities don’t care if you just stopped and yelled “Wow!” This is he! ” – and took a picture from afar. But when you approach them less than 1 meter away and shove your camera in their face, do you really think they won’t feel your intrusion? It’s not like V hit her or yelled at her, he didn’t do anything to threaten her”,

– wrote in the network one of the group’s fans.

Many boy band fans also noted that BTS is very soft on even those fans who invade their personal space:

“Don’t you know how these foreign celebrities push their paparazzi aside? When a girl does this, everyone admires and praises her. But it is worth doing this to V – a man, in relation to a woman, as he is called a creepy and misogynist.”