“Twilight is a part of me, i can’t get rid of it”: Kristen Stewart misses shooting in the ” Vampire Saga”

The last film from the “Twilight Saga” released more than 8 years ago, and Kristen Stewart has played many other roles. And for most fans of the film adaptation of books by Stephenie Meyer the actress will always be associated with Bella, a young girl who fell in love with a vampire.

However, according to the actress, “Twilight” did not bother her at all, and she does not care that most of the audience still automatically associates her with a role in this series of films. For Kristen, the main thing is that she has proved to herself that she is “able to hold the franchise on her shoulders alone” (this is the film “Snow White and the Huntsman”).

“I don’t want to shut myself off and distance myself from Twilight. I love them, and what am I supposed to be ashamed of? I feel that “Twilight” has settled and lives in me. I don’t want to say “in the soul”, but somewhere between the heart and stomach, I feel them on a physical level. Twilight is a part of me, and I can’t get rid of it”,

 – the actress explained.

But the fact that “Twilight ” has become a very profitable brand, the girl does not care at all:

“I am not a product for sale or an advertising agent! I play the role because I’m interested in the character.”

Despite the fact that after shooting in “Twilight” Kristen’s career went in a different direction, for the girl, this role became an important part of her life, which taught her to constantly strive to be better.

“Every shooting day, I would like to go back to yesterday to play the same thing even better. I grew up during the time I devoted to “Twilight”, I became an adult. Can anything be more important?”

– the actress told reporters.